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“You get so caught up in this story, you don’t want it to end anytime soon. Curran wrote such a believable Romance; in the small gestures of an old time love story, where everything is organically evolving out of mutual curiosity & respect. Where things aren’t entirely black or white in regards to definitions or understandings; but where with a little nudge of hope & the joy of embracing the unknown…you can find your happily ever after. Definitely one of my #unputdownable finds for the year; as it’s a Sweet Romance you can get lost inside.”

REVIEW BY MEL’S SHELVES: 4 out of 5 stars!!!

“Logan was easy to not like at the beginning since he was kind of a jerk. Being in a coma gave him a second chance at happiness. His eyes were opened to different choices he could make; he just needed to find the courage to make them. His family was easy to love. They had their differences, but were there for him when he needed them. I liked the way the author introduced his love interest and how their relationship developed. There were a couple of things going on and I love how everything tied together at the end.”

REVIEW BY BOOKWORM LISA: 4 out of 5 stars 🙂

“I really liked how the book was presented. It was written from alternating view points. The writing could have been a bit more polished, but for an author debut, it was a great book. I would love to see what Chelsea Curran has in store in the future.”


“Chelsea Curran’s debut novel, Unseen Road to Love, is a delightful read. Fast-paced and full of surprises, this contemporary romance includes original and impressive characters. The book’s dialogue is sweet and clever, with great chemistry between main protagonists Logan and Addie. With a compelling and entertaining plot, the story is easy to fall in love with.

Unseen Road is written with members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in mind. Despite many church and cultural references, the novel will still appeal to a wider audience due to its strong characters and themes of love, redemption and second chances. Unseen Road to Love is a satisfying story recommended for all fans of romance. ”


“I really liked Logan and Addie and how they got each other. I also really liked Logan’s brother, Mark, and the camaraderie between the two of them. It was fun when Logan’s family teased each other and it felt like a realistic family setting, for the most part. The romance was adorably sweet and had some decent chemistry. The ending, even if a little stretched out, was fun and I especially loved the very end. It was a perfect moment.”

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